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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Which way do we go?

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Will we still be here in two years? 
New, but not yet. Plots of land opposite Kasama’s have been cleared for building, but what will be built is only rumored. We’ve heard that there would be a private home there, then we heard that there would be a small resort fronted by a restaurant. 
But everything has stopped and nothing is happening. We understand that there are quarrels within an extended family as to direction. At this point, it’s anyone guess.

Quality Shop-houses coming

On Kasama’s side of the street, we understand that after a court matter is settled to remove one stubborn tenant, the whole area will be razed and new, quality shop-houses will be built in the front, along the street, with parking and some more development to also take place in the back. 
Anyone’s guess exactly what will be built, but we understand plans for each shop-house to be 4½ meters wide and possibly multiple-storied (2-3 stories), and will be sold rather than rented.
To get a better idea of what these shop-houses will look like, imagine all the new shop-houses being built in Bang Saphan out near the Hospital.
It’s all a year or two away and of course, we’ll update this development in coming issues of the Ban Krut Post.

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