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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Charity Bike Ride Bangkok Khao Lak breaks at Kasama's

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What a ride. From Bangkok to Khao Lak in 9 days. On their journey, 17 bikers made a break in Ban Krut. To keep up power, the had lunch and dinner at Kasama's.

The Charity Ride is organized by Britisch and Australias Hands Across The Water and managed in Thailand by Tour de Asia.

Kasama's Pizza Ban Krut
Break at Kasama's Ban Krut to recover during the ride from Bangkok to Khao Lak.

Hands Across The Water

In 2004, countless Thai children were left alone and homeless by the Boxing Day tsunami. On 28 December, police and other forensic specialists from 40 countries travelled to Thailand to help with the international response. Police assisted in identifying the 4606 victims who died in the southern region of Thailand, in what would become the world's largest ever Disaster Victim Identification response.

One of the police officers sent to the area was Sergeant Gill Williams. She has been a police officer with Thames Valley Police since 1980 and has been a sergeant in charge of the Specialist Search and Recovery Team since 1996. Gill is responsible for all hazardous searches including victim recovery. 

Buffet at Kasama's Ban Krut
Participants enjoyed dinner buffet at Kasama's.
Detective Inspector Peter Baines was also deployed to Thailand. He has been a member of the New South Wales Police since 1986 and worked within the Forensic Services Group since 1990. His role in Thailand was that of the Australian Disaster Victim Identification Commander, with overall responsibility for all Australians deployed overseas.

During their deployment Gill and Peter became aware of the huge number of Thai children who had become orphaned. Many lost both parents during the disaster and found themselves with nobody to care for them. To add to their suffering, their homes and villages were also destroyed by the tidal wave. Gill was horrified to learn that these orphans would live in large tents until they were 18 years old.

Hands Across the Water is a joint project between Gill and Peter who were both touched by the orphaned children in Thailand. The charity represents Gill and Peter's commitment to continue to lend a hand to the people of Thailand.

They support hundreds of children in multiple locations across Thailand and have centres in western Thailand at Kanchanaburi, Yasothon and Surin in the north-east, outside of Surat Thani at Chumphon, several hundred kilometres south of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok and at Chanthaburi near the Cambodian border.

Inter alia, Hands Across The Water organizes fundraising bike tours in Thailand.

Tour de Asia

Tour de Asia, based in Hua Hin, is Thailand's premier family owned and operated bicycle touring company specializing in long distance charity rides throughout Thailand, day tours in the Hua Hin area, and multi-day tours along Thailand's "Royal Coast" from Bangkok to Surat Thani and beyond.

Within their program is a 9 days ride from Bangkok to Ban Krut. So, on your next Holiday, don't take the bus, train, or taxi from the airport to Ban Krut - make the trip to your personal adventure and ride.

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