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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fewer tourists, but Ban Krut is almost fully booked

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Estimates are that last/this year's tourist season was down nationwide about 30%, and with the coup, of which most Thais and visitors are very much in favor, the coming season should be lower still. 

But, no; tourists and snowbirds with a long history in Thailand haven't been put-off, and available long-term leasing 3-5 months have alfeady been booked up. In Suan Ban Krut Beach Resort, not a bugalow remains available for the high season after last week.

At Songkran, the Village once again enjoyed The Moonlight Sand Structures. This was on the beach, in front of the old Tesaban building. There were some two dozen huge sand sculptures.  You have to see it to believe it:
Songkran Ban-Krut
Artists at work.

Songkran Ban-Krut
What a lovely Chang.
Songkran Ban-Krut
Doesn't he look great?
Sand Sculpture Ban-Krut
Pics had to be done.
Kasama from Kasama's Pizza Ban-Krut
Also a must for Kasama - at the Moonlight Show.

Wee Monks on the march, making a statement about conditions before...

wee monks Ban-Krut
Boy Monks on the march.

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