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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Garden expanded and more beers at Kasama's

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Although the garden is closed for the Monsoon, it was expanded. Now there is seating for another 24 diners, for a total of 34-42 places in the garden.

Kasama's Garden Ban Krut
More guests can enjoy the garden at Kasama's.
Well, for one thing, there are beers. A dozen of them, Thirteen, actually, and finally, there's a choice now in Ban Krut, because, additonally, 7-Eleven and Tesco also have more brands.

International beers available include Lao Beers light ands dark, Tiger from Singapore, San Miguel beers from the Philippines, Corona-Mexico and even Asahi, Japanese. Sop, no more 'Solly, only have Chang and Heineken'.

beer list at kasama's
The new beer list at Kasama's.
And Kasama has kept Chang Draft through the slow season. 

The kitchen has been enlarged to include a charcoal grill for steaks and chops.
kasama's ktichen
The kitchen is now ready daily barbecues.
Lite meal for hot days: Tuna Salad Sandwich with Forever Crunchy Dill pickle spears.
Tuna Sandwich Kasama's
Also available as Take-Away.

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