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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New shop houses and 30-room hotel, but don't forget the rondabout

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There was ground breaking-and filling-next door to Tesco's but no development yet. We hear that shop houses will be erected. Opposite of Kasama's, between water shop and Bankrut Travel will soon be a 4-storey Hotel with 30 rooms. 

New hotel in Ban Krut soon to open
A 30-room hotel will open here in late 2015.
The same for where Kasama's is right now; we understand that demolition will start at the opposite end of the row of existing shop houses on New Year now that the old tenants have been evicted.

The round-about has been started at the tail of Route 3459. This is the road that runs past Kasama's and ends at the sea. The asphalt road has been extended further, awaiting lane markers and signs. 

On Songkran still traffic regulation by police. Soon will here be a roundabout.

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