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Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Parking signs on the main Street?

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No Parking in front of 7-11. 
There’s only one such sign at the moment, and its directly in front of 7-11. It prohibits autos from parking, but doesn’t prohibit motorcyclists which are the predominant 7-11 patron. Although there is an occasional traffic jam (A traffic jam in Ban Krut is one car waiting for another car to pull away) , we have no idea what/who instigated this law a presumption is that 7-11 wants to alleviate congestion. A good thing, actually.
We have no idea what/who instigated this law by a presumption is that 7-11 wants to alleviate congestion,but the the intersection there is a very congested on some night. Note the Baht 2,000 fine !! And happy Motoring !

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