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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Roadside tree cutting - usual but an attraction in Ban Krut

While sitting in Goy & Mem's food stall downtown Ban Krut for lunch, a truck and 5 Motorcycles were parking just 20 meters away. A large tree was spreading its branches towards the electricity lines.

The traffic came to a stand still.
They stopped the traffic, moved the truck in position and one of the men, what a surprise, Biou, the one who cuts the grass on our land, was lifted up with his chainsaw and started to cut.

Biou Ban Krut
No helmet needed in Thailand, Biou makes his job already ten years.
In Thailand with its tropical climate shrubs and trees grow rapidly and the power lines are not underground. Thus, each community has its own team, which, in a Sisyphus work, keep the lines free and ensures that the streets are not overgrown by plants.

Pretty dangerous, isn't it?
For foreigners a considerable attraction to see the men, not always equipped with electrical tools, climbing barefoot on trees, which are littered with red ants, and cut branches with a machete.

Wide variety of food at Goy & Mem's. But if you can't read Thai, prepare yourself in advance.
By the way, lunch in the mentioned small restaurant is always a pleasure. Tasty meals for two at 100 Baht. But don't come 12am, then it's crowded with employees of the government. Half an hour earlier or later, you got the nice tables in the shade for yourself.


  1. Anonymous28/9/14

    Where is this Restaurant in Baan Krud

  2. Coming from the train station, take the road to the railway crossing. It's about 150m from the crossing, on the left the kitchen and a small shop, on the right benches and tables under a teint.


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