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Sunday, September 14, 2014

San Phra Phum - Spirit House Inauguration in Ban Krut

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The old one wasn't that nice anymore and did not longer met an important condition: A Spirit house in Thailand must be more attractive than the house itself.

Spirit House Ban-Krut

A new base was built at the same location and a new house purchased. A Spirit House can not be placed anywhere, or where it fits optically ideal. The place should not be taken by the shadow and it should be in front of the house.

The Mor San, the "Doctor of shrines" determined the perfect time of the inauguration ceremony. After consultation the stars and various rituals, he was sure the beste date would be 11 September.

Inauguration Spirit House Ban-Krut
Before the prayer. What do the ancient Greek and Jesus at dinner think about it?
Nan, the manager of the Baan Suan Waree left no slouch herself. In addition to Lars, the Swedish co-owner, she invited neighbors and good friends to celebrate.

From Wat Thang Sai, she organized nine monks who accompanied the ceremony with prayers and to bless the house.

Prayers Thailand
The Mor San prepares. The string in the hands is drawn from the Spirit House into the home.
They get served a sumptuous menu. Well, the Buddhist monks are not allowed to eat after noon. So just cook enough as leftovers for common people's lunch.

feast for monks
The great feast. Even Pepsi's not served every day.
Spirt Houses were mentioned for the first time by Europeans in the 19th century in a travel book. In Ayutthaya, the former capital, which was burnt down by the Burmese in 1767, remains of miniature temples and palaces can still be found.

The belief in ghosts, Phi, as Thais call it, comes from pre-Buddhist times and was part of the religion of the then ruler of Thailand, the Karen and Mon, who were later displaced by the immigrant from southern China Thai people in the mountains to the north.

Ban-Krut Spirit House
Gifts to Phi for good luck and happy living.
Buddhism, like other faiths have done this with ancestral customs in the new areas, incorporated the Phi into the repertoire.

Phra Phum are a group of spirits, the word Phum means in Sanskrit and Pali earth. Phra called honorable. The names of the spirits seem to come from India. The most famous is Chaiyamonkohn, the protector of houses and inhabitants. Figures next to the Spirit Houses represent ancestors or serve the Phi as a dancer.

Me, the writer of this story, doesn't have one. My wife thinks it takes too much care. Daily food and drinks, on special occasions Lao Khao, rice liquor. Who does that, if we are not at home? The spirits, she says, are only well-disposed, if they get what they need.

lao khao
Lao Khao, this time wheter for monks nor spirits.
But one thing I have to reconsider. If I have to go to the toilet, I like to say, I'll go Phi Phi Island. Am I going to Paradise Island or to the spirits?

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