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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Terror strikes Ban Krut

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Beer Prices are 10% up. 
Dateline: Ban Krut, November, 2013. Heartbreak, tragedy, and tears have come to Ban Krut and most other regions in Thailand. Beer prices are UP ! Up considerably, and monster-ably according so some. On the average, it’s approximately 10.5%.!

Here’s the breakdown: 
  • Heineken, already the most expensive of the more commonly foreign consumed beers in the the country, is up 7.69%.
  • Singha is the lowest, increased at 5.68 %.
  • Chang, although cheapest, is up a whopping 13.04%.
  • Leo, the most popular beer around is up the most, at 16 %, Still, Chang remains the least expensive and Leo is only slightly higher. Foreign beer prices naturally remain the highest around the country.
We don’t even want to talk about beer prices in Bangkok. It’s the thing nightmares are made of.

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