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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tesco Lotus open - new City Center?

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For those who weren't here, Tesco opened right across the street from 7-Eleven. It would seem therefore, that this junction is becoming Center Village. Like 7-Eleven, it is open all night.

Tesco Lotus in Ban-Krut
Tesco Lotus Express opened it's doors in march 14.
Tesco has its benefits, however. One is fresh vegetables that, from what we've seen so far, are superior to the morning market - if not as fresh. Also, selections are fewer, and prices are a bit higher. Still, what if its in the afternoon and you decide on a salad for dinner! 

Incidentally, note how, for the first time ever in Ban Krut, commercial walk-in's; Tesco and 7-Eleven, are attempting to control car and motorcycle parking rather than the traditional 'park anywhere' attitude. 7-Eleven and Tesco both have lane differential parking that is being adhered to--more or less. 

Kasama cleared out more parking space in front of the shop for motorcycles and also car parking in the rear. 

Adherence to/or ignoring these parking areas are running about 50-50.

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