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Friday, October 3, 2014

No plastic bags - bring you own box

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Totally surprised. Yesterday, we went shopping at Tesco Lotus in Bang Saphan. At the checkout, the cashier was asking, if we would agree to get our goods packed in carton boxes from their delivered items. Sure, was our answer.

bang saphan tesco lotus
Renounce plastic bags, bring your own box.
And while packing in boxes, she mentioned, that, if we would bring boxes by our own, we would get extra points from their clubcard program. The more we would buy, the more points we would get.

We are not really intimate friends with Tesco, Big C and 7-Eleven, who absorb the breath from all the small shops next door, but certain items can't be found there. But what Tesco now does is really a good thing, because plastic bags are a plague in Thailand and worldwide.

Non-compostable plastic bags can take centuries to decompose, and the chemicals released during this process are toxic, contaminating soil and water which can be passed to animals.

thailand market
Fresh food, but please not in plastic bags.
Anyway, if you go shopping, bring you own bag with you, to Tesco, to the shop next door or on the market.

And if your shop next door doesn't have all what you want, ask for it. Many goods can be ordered, also when they are not in their assortment.

As the food for our cats and our favorite cheese. Some days before you need it, order it. Often to prices, which are lower then Tesco's or Big C's. Because you don't have to pay for their air conditioning and facilities. 

By the way, it's the same with Home Pro. Bear in mind that the hardware store next door will like to sell you the tool of your choice and the water tap you desire.   

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