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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soon open - new beach front pub

Next to Noo's Restaurant was sawed and hammered until recently. Now, where there was an annex of Noo, during daytime currys and other dishes are favorably served.

Western Style Bar in Ban Krut
The Come Ta-Lay Bankrut at the beach road.
But that's not all. The son of the operator and land owner is the one, who operates the La Lune Moonlight Bar. If we can believe the rumors, he plans to turn the place into a western-style pub in the evenings, applying his skills as a bartender in 5-star hotels in Bangkok.

Ban Krut Restaurant
Not yet ready for foreign nightbirds.


  1. Anonymous30/10/14

    Wo wird denn dieser Pub ungefähr sein ?

  2. Gleich neben Noo's Seafood Restaurant.


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