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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Visit the Kha On Waterfall and Bai's Coffee Shop

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Prepare yourself for your next stay in Ban Krut and watch, how Thai TV discovered the Kha On Waterfall: 

So get on your motorbike, don't forget your swimming dress and take the nice ride to the Kha On Waterfall.  

Enlarge the map - Map of Kha On Waterfall and Bai's Coffee Shop. 

But do it on weekends, then you can enjoy a kopi at Bai's coffee shop, just there, where the road isn't anymore paved. 

There is no Coke, but refresh yourself with a real Thai coffee and Kai Luak, poached eggs.
View of Bai's coffee shop, coming back from the Kha On Waterfall.

And enjoy afterwards that, what the guys of Dude TV did, have dinner at Kasama's.

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