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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The best Bar in Ban Krut for a Sundowner - open again

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Grimlund's Bar reopened last Monday after the rainy season. The only Bar in Ban Krut direct on the beach with views of the sunset over the Terrasserim Hills and the moonrise over the gulf of Thailand while the stars on the tropical sky begin to shine.
Grimlund's Bar with fantastic view on the sea.
Kaew, the charming owner serves cold drinks and cocktails, while her swedish boyfriend Sven likes to sit with guests for smalltalk.
Kaew's smiling behind her small counter.
But be prepared for the winds of the cold season, take a scarf with you and don't mind the sometimes crazy Thai teens passing by with their roaring motorcycles. 

Grimlund's Bar is located on the beach road, just a few meters from Platoo Seafood Restaurant.

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