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Friday, January 2, 2015

Live Concert at the La Lune Moonshine Bar on January 5th at 8pm

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Do you know the La Lune Moonshine Bar? It's still a hidden gem, away from the beach in a quiet soi at the creek.

The La Lune Moonshine Bar & Bistro in Ban Krut. 
Koy, owner and former bartender at the Hilton Millenium in Bangkok offers Cocktails, Snacks and, of course, beer. La Lune is opened daily from 6pm to 1am.

Friends Anne and Rainer, long time winter guests in Ban Krut, just discovered the bar few days ago - and were so enthusiastic of the bar and the guitar player that they booked him for another night.

This night will be on the 5th of january 2015 - so come on in, the TG Band starts to play at 8pm. Here's the invitation:

Just recently Anne and I went for the first time with Ann & Rolf to spend an evening at the fairly new La Luna Moonshine Bar. We were stunned at how nice a place it was with a beautifully arranged bar and comfortable seating outside. We were even more delighted by the guitarist turning up and singing and playing great songs even for our age group such as "Tears in Heaven". Unfortunately only one other table was occupied while we were there. 

The idea came to us spontaneously to tell friends about this place where it is very pleasant to let the day fade into evening. We also decided it would be nice to have the guitarist back again so we asked him to return and play for us. He agreed and will come back on Monday 5th January at around 8 pm. This time he will come with a female singer as well.

The bar offers drinks at normal prices, snacks and a great ambiance. We will pay for the gig and may ask you for a small contribution if you enjoy yourselves. If you do not want to wait until 5th January then just around 6pm (any evening), take a walk from the beach towards, "downtown" turn right just before the bridge and carry on for about 150m. You can't miss it on the left .   

We hope to see you there on January 5th at 8pm!!

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