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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The best place for manicure and pedicure in Ban Krut

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Between Tamai Restaurant und Sala Thai Resort and in front of the Coconut Resort lies the small, typical Thai Beauty Salon J & Y. Yung, the owner, is a 30 years old woman with 7 years experience. She comes from Petchaburi and opened her salon about a year ago.

J&Y Ban Krut
Yung, the owner of J & Y Beauty Salon in Ban Krut. 
She got this perfect location through her boyfriend Jep, he's the nephew of the owner of the Coconut Resort. Just a step away from the beach and on hot days even air conditioned, she offers haircut for 200 Baht, hair wash and dry for 50 Baht and manicure and pedicure for only 120 Baht.

J&Y Beauty Salon Ban Krut
Perfect location in front of the Cocount Resort.
Since open, we are regular customers for manicure and pedicure - she works meticulously, clean and has always a smile on her face. Even though she dosen't speak a lot of english, she will understand what you want. Make a reservation or just drop by, J & Y is usually only on Sundays closed.

You gotta get nice nails, but bring your own matching flip-flops. 

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