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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trash Hero Ban Krut - for clean and pristine beaches

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Who doesn't like unspoiled, pristine and lonely beaches? Ban Krut's beaches range for miles along the Gulf of Thailand. 

Trash Heroes of Ban Krut: Fred, Em, Ann, John, Richard, Pui, Marcus, Boon, Ben and Rolf
While the beach at the Beach Road is cleaned by municipal employees and resorts do it themselves, styrofoam, old shoes, beer bottles and more testifies of human garbage civilization on the actually beautiful and lonely sections out of town. 

To teach fishermen not to throw any rubbish overboard and learn picnickers to take their garbage is one thing - the other is to lead by example and sometimes collect what others leave behind. This is precisely what Trash Hero does. 

Ben Ciappara, he's teacher in Nakhon Si Thammarat and member of Trash Hero on Koh Lipe, came with his family to spend his summer holiday in Ban Krut. At a pizza, he motivated Byron Bales from Kasama's to start Trash Hero Ban Krut. 

Hot, hot, hotter - but the girls stood their man. 
Monday, 20 April was chosen as the first action-day. Right on time 8am, the 10 people gathered at Coffee next Door and after a short ride, we were at the Rainbow Beach, a beach section three kilometers outside of Ban Krut towards north, not far from the famous Wat Thang Sai with it's 12 meter high sitting Buddha. 

It was a good choice. A wonderful, pristine beach, but spoiled with a lot of trash, from visitors and fishermen. And it was the hottest day of the year. But sweat didn't matter, and after 2 hours, the group collected more than 60 trash bags filled with all kind of stuff and we left a clean, natural beach.

Several hundred kilos of trash was picked up at Rainbow Beach.  
The next step is to establish Trash Hero in Ban Krut. To do so, we are looking for Voluntaries, which are ready to invest two to four hours a week and we'll talk with businesses in town to support in logistics.

Are you interested to join Trash Hero Ban Krut? Please e-mail Byron or just drop by at Kasama's for further information.

The Rainbow Beach of Ban Krut, seen from Wat Thang Sai. 

Trash Hero builds on people's own initiative:

Action and Awareness: We pick up trash. Whether a cigarette butt on the road, or 20,000 kilos from island beaches – if we see it, we clean it! And as they say, actions speak louder than words. By spending just a few hours together picking up trash, people can see the real world consequences of being careless about waste.

Education: We back up hands-on experience with educational information about the impact that trash has on the global environment.

Sustainable Projects: We create long-term projects that bring communities together to remove and better manage their waste, and strategies that reduce the amount of waste being produced in the future.

Inspiration: We motivate people to become Trash Heroes in their everyday lives. Trash Hero Thailand alum have gone home to make their own heroic clean-ups around the world.

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  1. It quite interesting to be a voluntaries when I am moving there.


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