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Monday, May 18, 2015

Prachaup Khiri Khan to launch tourism caravan to Myanmar

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Prachaup Khiri Khan province is set to launch the inauguration tourism caravan to Myeik in Myanmar, to mark the official opening of the Singkhon special border checkpoint on 23 May 2015. 

Singkhon Border: Really soon gateway for tourists to Myanmar?  
Prachaup Khiri Khan Deputy Governor Pongpan Wichiansamut has revealed that the province is set to hold the official opening ceremony of the Singkhon special border checkpoint on 23 May 2015, with the expected attendance from the Thai Minister of Interior, the Myanmar Minister of Finance and Revenue, and the Myanmar Minister of Commerce.

The event will include a merit making and alms giving ceremony of the two countries, cultural exchange performances, and the launch of the 2-day 1-night inaugural tourism caravan to Myeik, Myanmar. The tour caravan will carry 200 participants from both government and private agencies in Prachaup Khiri Khan province.

The caravan will introduce the participants to tourist attractions and the local livelihood. All travelers will be awarded with the certificate from the governor of Prachaup Khiri Khan and the Governor of Myanmar's Tanintharyi Region.

The upgrade of the Singkhon border post as the special border checkpoint will allow travelers from Myanmar to access the Mueang Prachaup Khiri Khan district on Thailand’s side by using passports, border passes, or temporary border passes and will be allowed at least a one night stay. 

The province Prachuap has improved infrastructure on the Thai side while the road in Myanmar to Marid, halfway to Myeik, is still dirt and awaiting a government upgrade to a four-lane road. The distance from Ban Mu Dong, right after Singkhon pass in Myanmar to the town of Myeik is 180 kilometres. 

Mr Weera believed that the economic value after upgrading the Singkhorn Pass into a border checkpoint initially would be as much as 4 billion baht a year, with the potential to rise to more than 10 billion Baht annually.

Travellers from Thailand will be allowed to access the Tanintharyi town and the Myeik tow with a different overnight stay quota, depends on the type of document used at the border crossing, based on Myanmar’s regulations.

Singkhon border post's upgrade into a special border crossing will provide opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs to invest in Myanmar and reduce their transportation costs, says the Prachuap Khiri Khan Chamber of Commerce. 

According to the Honorable Chairman of the Prachuap Khiri Khan Chamber of Commerce Nipon Suwannava, the Singkhon special border crossing upgrade is considered a successful cooperation effort between the government and the private sector, as it will help increase the border trade value. 

He has said that this upgrade will provide more opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs to invest in Myanmar, especially in the businesses regarding electricity, hotels and accommodations, construction material, and infrastructure improvements, which are still lacking in Myeik, Myanmar. 

The Prachuap Khiri Khan Chamber of Commerce's Honorable Chairman added that road improvements along the Singkhon border post to Myeik in Myanmar will help facilitate trade and investment as it will help reduce the time and cost of transportation.

Source: NNT, Bangkok Post

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