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Friday, May 22, 2015

The new landmark of Ban Krut

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It's not a skyscraper and has no swimming pool on the roof as the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, but the new Hotel Nanicha Ban Krut Resort changes the Beachfront Ban Krut's considerably. 

From January 2016, the Hotel Nanicha Ban Krut Resort will offer 26 rooms on 3 floors. 
Until now, now other building in the centre has been built as high as the regulations in Ban Krut permit.

The Nanicha from the street to the beach, on the left side is the travel agency. 
Located at the road to the beach between travel agency and water-/icehop, about 100 meters from the sea, it's planed to open January 2016 and will accommodate guests in 26 rooms. A large conference room is expected to attract Thai companies and institutions on their annual trip. 

Hotel Manager Joy Jutarat supervises the build of her future workplace. 
The designate director, Joy Jutarat, she is the daughter of owner Khun Narong Pukchan, studied hotel management and will be very pleased when it finally starts. Until then, she's meticulously supervising the build and takes care of all other planning issues. 

View from the rooftop to Bor Thong Lang.
View towards downtown Ban Krut and the shophouses, where Kasama's used to be. 
Yes, a swimming pool will be built, not on the roof, but in the garden in front of the hotel.

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