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Monday, May 11, 2015

Trash Hero Ban Krut - what's in a bag of trash?

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May 11, a sunny summer Monday morning in Ban Krut. Meeting point Coffee Next Door, 8am. Somehow too late, as the sun's already heating up. Wow, 35 degree celsius, not bad. Mai pen rai, let's go to the beach, picking up trash. 

Trash Hero Ban Krut
Byron and Fred, two still young americans with parts of todays beach trash. 
What do you think fills a bag of trash picked up from Ban Krut's beaches? That's the typical content of a bag of trash from the beach:

Trash Hero Ban Krut

2 bulbs
4 lighters
1 toothpaste
1 oilcan
4 glass bottles
2 plastic bottles
8 milkdrink packings
11 shoes
27 plastic bags
16 snack wrappings
18 styrofoam food packings
12 strings and cords
18 plastic covers
21 pieces of fishermen's styrofoam

Today's Trash Hero team picked up another 40 bags of waste and trash. 

Byron, Kasama, Fred, Ann, Paan and Rolf, who made the pic.
The Rainbow Beach is now pristine down to Bayview Resort, next week we'll gonna clean up until the Wat Thang Sai.

Trash Hero Ban Krut
That has gone..

Trash Hero Ban Krut Thailand
..and Rainbow Beach's inviting you the way it should.

Do you want to join Trash Hero Ban Krut? Meeting point is every Monday morning 8am at the Coffee Next Door.

For more informations just drop by at Kasama's or email to

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