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Friday, July 24, 2015

Low season in Ban Krut - but the boom goes on

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As every year in July, there are almost no tourists to see in Ban Krut. But the building boom goes on. After several month without any activity, construction on the new Arcadia Resort resumed. The new coffee shop between Ban Krut Beach and the Railway station is already established and the two condo towers' showrooms welcome visitors. 

The new Steak and Pizza Restaurant on the right to Coffee Next Door.
The owner family of Noo's Restaurant expands as well. Next to 7-Eleven and Coffee Next Door, they will challenge Kasama's with a Steak and Pizza Restaurant. The opening will be in next few weeks as works will be finished soon.

Kasama's itself had to wait for weeks until their Express shop, just 50 meters from the new competitor in the pizza market of Ban Krut, was ready to move in. It seems now, that the opening will take place right before high season. Sawasdee Spa moved as first already in and awaits costumers.

Kasama's Pizza Pasta
Best location for Kasama's in front, followed by Sawasade Spa.
What a szene: the old shop houses between 7-Eleven and the beach demolished like some rais more of coconut trees.

Ban Krut Building boom

There's no more information than that somewhen a row of 3-storey shophouses shall be built next to the street and single houses with a resort on the backside. When and what exactly is still unclear.

By the way. The months from July til October are perfect for holidays in Ban Krut. It may rain sometimes, but it's not too hot with fresh nights and you get kilometers of almost private beach. 

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