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Monday, August 24, 2015

Eliminating Plastic Bags in Thailand?

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Thailand’s Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o Cha recently announced that, beginning this Month, August, 15 major retailers and outlets will cease providing plastic bags for shoppers on the 15th of every and urge shoppers to use permanent personal shopping bags.

Don't waste the environment, bring your own bag.
It’s estimated that 70 million plastic bags are used every day! And plastic bags constitute most of the trash lying alongside roads,  railway tracks, streets where there are businesses, and beaches.

Those retailers cooperating with this effort are: B2S; all stores of CP, which includes 7-Eleven, Big C, The Mall Group, Foodland, Siam Macro, Robinsons, Central, Central Food Retailers, Rangsit Plaza, CRC, CRC Sports Power Buy, Thaiwatsadu and Ekkachai Distribution Systems.

It’s noted that here in Ban Krut many foreigners are already refusing plastic bags at 7-Eleven and Tesco Lotus, especially when purchasing few items.

While one day a month doesn’t make much of a dent in efforts to clean up the country, it’s hopefully a start.

For those, who live here: Tesco and Tesco Express reward you every single day of the month with 150 points of its Clubcard, when you’re shopping with your own personal shopping bag.

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