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Monday, November 30, 2015

Another Trash Hero Day in Ban Krut

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A lucky day for the todays thirteen Trash Heroes of Ban Krut. Sakra, the Buddhist god of weather was in good mood: no sun, no rain - perfect for Trash Heroes. But was it Neptun or Mazu who, with lot's of strong waves, let wash ashore all the trash in the last days? Flip-flops, styrofoam, lighters, from all dozens. But "Mai mi pan ha". 

Thanks to: It, Ingo, Kasama, Ben, Ann, Wolfgang, Fon, Karin, Wolfgang, Rolf, Byron, Rainer and Simon.
Two hours later, the stretch of beach between Suanwaree and Rajavadee Resort was clean, all the not organic rubbish packed in bags. Thanks, Trash Heroes!

Trash Heroes at work. 
Barbecue tongs makes good tools for picking trash.
Trash Heroes at work.
She deserved a break!
That's dedication!
It's gonna make you sweat, but happy!
Instead of gloves: use your shopping bags, 555!
Separating the waste's important: it's all about recycling.

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