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Monday, November 16, 2015

Trash Hero Ban Krut back in action

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After many rainy days, Ban Krut showed it’s sunny side. Just in time for the first beach clean up after the monsoon break. It started with a great honor for the group of 12 Trash Heroes. They were greeted and thanked for their commitment by the mayor of Ban Krut, Thesaban Thong Chai, Mr. Petchskulthong.
Kasama proudly presented Mr. Petchskulthong the Trash Hero t-shirt. 
Trash Hero Ban Krut
The Mayor of Ban Krut with the Trash Heroes of Ban Krut. 
After work was done with the trash of the day.
You want to be a Hero? See you next Monday morning 8am at the meeting point at the t-junction at the beach, 200 meters down the street from 7-Eleven:

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